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Grief During the Holidays...

Ways for Adults and Children to Remember


Christmas is the most sentimental and hearfelt of the holidays.  There really is something about the "spirit" of Christmas that is fed and filled by our deep and abiding relationships. And so, when one or many of those relationships, perhaps the most significant relationships are missing, the spirit of the holiday can feel foreign and impossible to get back. The way we gather is forever changed and we can spend a lot of time looking back and forget to look forward.


In an effort to also help you look forward at this and the other Christmases to com, we want to ask you to think about the Christmas traditions you love the most and consider different ways you could tailor them this year to where you are at.  The most important thing to keep in mind is not tp overwhelm yourself. your energy level may be very different and you may not feel like doing anything at all. 


For the next five days we will share one option each day that will provide a way to participate in the Christmas traditions that you enjoy but in a more manageable and significant way. They will be simple but powerful ways to remember and enjoy the spirit of your loved one.


Option #1:


Instead of Christmas Cards...send little thank you's to the people who have rallied around and truly supported you this year. Make it easier on yourself if you don't like writing, by just making a simple phone call to thank them and say that you were thinking of them. If you like to bake, take it a step further and deliver a dozen home-baked cookies along with your note. You may be amazed at how much better you feel by doing any one of these simple gestures.


Option #2:


Make a donation or give a gift in their memory: Consider donating to a favorite or meaningful charity in memory of your loed one. If there were cookies they always made or if they had a signature gift like funny socks, consider continuing the tradition in their honor. Giving in their name will feel right and good and will be a way of continuing the specialness of their life.


Option #3:


Make a Memory Chain: This simple paper chain is a festive and unique way to decorate your home in memories. Take each strip of paper and write down a special memory of your loved one. Invite others in your family to be a part of the chain and add to it throughout December. Having a way of sharing these stories with others and perhaps hearing new ones will bring tears and laughs with just paper and tape.